It’s been a crazy 2 months, trying to get the site up and running, daytime job, and a newborn baby at home. Things are starting to shape up for AWSHOF. 50 new entries in the directory in 3 days, 1200 page views, so the interest is definitely there. Today i’m launching the blog part, still hosted on s3 and leveraging excellent Jekyll Bootstrap. I will be working now around the “comments” aspect of the blog leveraging Lambda for that. Hey, one drawback of static website is that nothing is straight out of the box but once you work around it, you should not care for a long time. Anyway just a short post to start the serie and thanks everyone for all great comments about the project. A special thanks to my friend Preetham Kukilaya that has been helping me for the past months on that journey. Stay tune for more news


11 July 2016



Jean-Louis Auzepy